About Us

About Us

We connect people & business in ways that change lives.

TEQUE7 is a design agency based in India & USA, specialising in delivering high-end creative web solutions which not only elevate your brand image but also help you market your business in the required environment.


We design and develop holistic design solutions for companies, institutions, products and brands that meet the high visual and technical requirements. As an interdisciplinary agency, our focus is on visual communication. We help you to implement your ideas. The firm provides fully integrated digital business solutions where we use our vast experience, drive, and creativity to deliver the best possible results across the web, mobile, search, advertising and social.


TEQUE7 has a huge clientele, both for website design and development services in India, USA, UK, Australia & Africa.

See What Makes us Tick

Digital Craftsmen

We’re a team of designers and coders working to create beautiful, human-friendly digital experiences for important causes. We passionately believe that design and technology can be a powerful force for change.

How we work.

As a part of our progressive development methodology, we identify the following elements as essential to the development of a high quality website. The following standards will be incorporated into every website that we build.

  • Fast Loading Pages   
  • Technology Standards
  • Search Engine Readiness

  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Practical Interactivity
  • Quality Testing

Here’s where we’re coming from.


We never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, engineering practices, management techniques and QA standards to keep up with the trends in the market. This improves our team’s capabilities and increases customer satisfaction.


We are assembled into teams of various sizes to respond to the demands of a wide range of projects. Our emphasis is to remain agile, innovate, and aim to bring a smile with each work  we do.









We should get to know each other!

Exciting and challenging projects drive us, but also a lively exchange of experiences and interests is very important to us. If you are looking for an agency with whom you want to grow together, then we are the right partner.